24 Hour Crisis Telephone Counselling

If you or a family member are in need of urgent counselling,

please consider contacting one of the services below.

Police – 000 Ask for sexual offences and child abuse unit

Rape Crisis Center – 1800424017

Lifeline  – 131114

1800 Respect – 1800737732

Blue Knot Helpline – 1300657380

 24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line – 1800806292

CASA (Center Against Sexual Assault) Counselling Line (Office Hours) – (03) 98707330

Online Support

 ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse) ASCA

 NSW Rape Crisis Service Crisis Service

 Victims Services Victims Services

CASA House (Center Against Sexaul Assault) CASA House

Restoring Hope Restoring Hope

 The Mama Bear Effect Mama

 Body Safety Australia BSA

Support Groups

Careforce Lifekeys – Door of Hope course – Ran Australia wide Lifekeys

Finding a Counsellor

Counselling can provide an outlet to tell the truth about your trauma in a confidential, safe environment. It provides you with the tools for restoration and recovery.

We believe God heals a survivor of childhood sexual assault through a process; you will experience encounters along the way that slowly chip away at the wounds that bring you closer to wholeness.

A trained therapist can help support you through this process.

There is a three step process to trauma recovery;

Step 1 – Safety and stabilization

Step 2 – Coming to terms with traumatic memories

Step 3 – Integration and moving on

What qualities do you need to look for in a counsellor?

Are they suitably qualified? Are they qualified to work with trauma?

Are they registered with Victims Services or Victims Of Crime? You may be eligible for free counselling through these government agencies & a small lump sum payment or pension.

Do they empower you to make your own choices & decisions?

Do they allow you to choose what you do & don’t want to talk about?

Do they listen to you and allow your feeling to be heard?

Do they provide confidentiality?

Sexual assault services are located in your local hospital or community health center. They offer free counselling to victims and non offending family members.