Six Lessons From Twenty Sixteen

As I reflect on 2016 I felt the urge to write down the lessons I have learnt throughout the year. It was a pivotal year in my life; for the first time I really understood myself and my childhood. There are no more secrets, I’m no longer living in lies and denial, and it feels good! I feel like I’m growing stronger everyday and although I still have trauma to heal and a difficult path ahead of me; I don’t want to move on to the next year without appreciating what I learnt in 2016.

You do not need to be afraid of your emotional pain

If you were hurt in a family environment, then you will be healed in a family environment. David Tensen

The first and biggest lesson I learnt was to not be afraid of the pain. I read over my journal from the year and on almost every page was a note from God telling me not to be afraid of the pain (it took me awhile to get the message!). In my second week of Bible College I remember crying to Phill feeling like I couldn’t do it. Why would God ask me to come here six months after my memories re-surfaced; I felt so broken and damaged, how could God expect me to go through the process of transformation at Bible college so soon? Looking back I can see God knew exactly what He was doing! It was the perfect environment for me to deal with my brokenness. Our class become a family, I felt so supported to face my pain, even though not everyone in the class knew my story; they were still part of my support system. Now I’m so grateful that God sent me there!

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Pain is the doorway to healing. You will not be healed without facing the pain of your childhood. The un-healed pain will lock you into a cycle of fear and avoidance, making it bigger than it really is, and giving the devil a foothold to increase fear over your pain. The enemy works through fear and agreement; if you are not afraid of him and do not agree with his lies than he has no power over you or your circumstances but if you are afraid of facing your pain then you allow him to bring more crippling fear over your pain. Your pain is the entryway to heaven, walk through the pain, and experience all that heaven has to offer; peace, joy, love, faith, and safety.

It takes courage to face your pain, courage that can only be found in faith. Courage is faith; faith that God is bigger than what happened to you, faith that God has a plan for your pain, and Faith that God will carry you through the darkness and you will never be alone in it.

Let out the pain; give yourself permission to fall apart, and stop being in control of your emotions. Let it out. (Encounter with God March 2016)

Know that pain is messy. It’s not neat and tidy with no chaos; it’s confusing, tiring, and disorganised while also giving you moments of joy. Allow yourself to experience ALL OF IT, not just the easy organised parts.

Anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts need to be addressed by asking God three questions

When you find yourself in the midst of anxiety or nonstop negative thoughts; ask God these three questions.

is this anxiety mine or am I picking up someone else’s atmosphere?

I never knew that you could walk past someone and pick up their atmosphere, or go to someone’s house and sense their fear, or pick up a loved one’s negative thinking because you spend so much time with them but it’s true! I first became aware of this in my prophetic subject at Bible College and since then I have found myself in the position of taking on other people’s anxiety, fear, or negative thinking. Ask God is this my anxiety? And if it’s not mine then what would you like me to do with it? Pray for them?

Is it a spiritual attack?

Is the enemy attacking you or is it an attack on your suburb. If you have the gift of interceding then you will probably pick up on spiritual changes in your suburb or street or neighbours house. These are promptings to pray for them. Remember you have the authority of Christ over the enemy and you don’t ever need to be afraid of him. If you feel you’re under an attack; command he leave you alone. Mark 1:25

Is it from unresolved pain?

If you have pain that is not resolved it will torment you. You may be triggered by something and then go into fight or flight mode because your body senses danger. This is normal for trauma survivors and is a prompting of something that you need to heal. It’s never your fault that you have unresolved pain, trauma is involuntary, and it is just your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Once you heal the unresolved pain the anxiety lessons and on some occasions it can disappear altogether.

Live a lifestyle of worship

Jesus says, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the spirit is spirit” John 3:6

You are born again and now have the Holy Spirit living inside you, He never leaves you (1 Corinthians 6:19). You don’t need to ask for the Holy Spirit to come, He’s already there. Live a lifestyle connected to Him. Talk in tongues and connect with Him, sense Him, and feel His presence. Live out of your spirit connected to God’s spirit. When you do this you’re filled with the fruits of the spirit and the power of God. You begin to live out of a place of gratitude and intimacy with God that is healing, and sanctifying your soul.

See the world from Heaven’s perspective

If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:1-2

For us to release the power of God into our circumstances, we must first learn to see our circumstances the way God does; through God’s lens instead of our own broken lenses. When you see your pain through God’s eyes you’re able to see the bigger picture, you can see His plan for your pain, and you align yourself with your calling. You suddenly have purpose. This is part of the process of renewing your mind; when we become a new creation, you see things differently, from heavens perspective.

A close circle of friends

In 2015 someone said to me, “After going through something like this, you just want a small group of friends, maybe a dog, and a quiet life”. I have realised that person was right! I no longer want to go to large parties or socialise often; I’m happy to live a quiet life with a few close friends who get me. Realising this has taken the pressure off to be constantly pursuing a large number of friends who I just don’t have the energy to maintain. Jesus was close with 12 people (His disciples), 3 of whom were his most close friends, and 72 in his tribe. This is a great model to follow; I find 12 close friends (including family) manageable. There is then no guilt to become Mrs. Sociable when you don’t have the energy to sustain it!

it’s all worthless without the power of God’s Love!

In a prayer ministry session I was faced with the fact that I didn’t know the Father, I always connected with Jesus and found it scary to talk to my Heavenly Father; my earthly father used power and control to silence me and I was faced with that fear when I tried to approach my Heavenly Father. Jesus took my hand and introduced me to the Father. I was bombarded with His love. We cannot heal without accessing His love. We can do loads of therapy and educating ourselves on trauma but if we don’t let God’s love into our hearts; we will not be healed. His love is perfect, and healing, and lifts us above the pain. If you have fear in your heart when you think of your Heavenly Father, I encourage you to get prayer ministry and get that fear lifted, your relationship with God will go to a deeper more intimate level.

What lessons did you learn in twenty sixteen? Reflect on your year and take those lessons into twenty seventeen.

Much Love,

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