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I was approached by a woman the other day who asked me if I was pregnant, the dreaded question when you are NOT pregnant! “No I’m not pregnant” I replied. This lady went on to say, “oh so you’ve just had an unhealthy weight gain then?” At this point I was wondering if it would be unchristian of me to punch her in the face, lucky I realised it would be, so I politely smiled and didn’t answer her question. After that uncomfortable encounter I started to obsess with my weight, I started planning my very strict diet, giving up sugar, gluten, and dairy. I also started to feel rejected in my life, I felt like all of a sudden I didn’t fit in at church, at college, with extended family, and my confidence was at an all time low.

I asked God, “What is happening? Why am I feeling so rejected?” The Lord gently asked me what is the lie you are believing? “mmmm lie, what lie am I believing?” I couldn’t figure it out. “I’m not good enough?” The Lord went with it and gently reminded me I am His daughter and I am good enough. But for the following week I still was feeling this feeling of rejection, I went back to the Lord, “Lord I’m still feeling rejected, why?” I finally realised  I took on board what that lady said to me as the truth; that I’m not good enough because I’m not skinny, the truth that I’ve lost my place as God’s daughter because I was overweight. I realised I let a strangers comment impact my identity.

Everywhere I look I hear women talking about their weight, it doesn’t matter what size they are, women obsess with the number on the scale more than anything else in life. I see skinny women going on diets punishing themselves for what they put in their mouth. I see overweight women believing they are less worthy because of their weight. I feel like this is one area where the enemy is winning; women basing their identity on their weight. God did not say, “I love you no matter what you do, except if you eat cake and weigh over 60kg.” The world did.

We step into freedom; we step into all you have for us. Singing we step into freedom, and we step into all you for us. (We step into freedom, Bethel music)

Now that we know we are not basing our identity on our weight; we can walk in freedom to be healthy, eat healthy (not obsessively or by punishing ourselves), enjoy healthy exercise, and look after our temples. Healing your body after trauma is really about self care and self love. Throw the scales out; who cares what you weigh, start to love yourself right now, just as you are.

Just as you are? Not thinner? Not cleverer? Not with slightly bigger breasts or slightly smaller nose?

No. He loves me just as I am.

Bridget Jones Dairy

I look at healing your body from trauma with a holistic approach, we can’t look at eating healthy without looking at what we are thinking, and feeling. Having a healthy soul will directly impact your food choices and your energy levels. In healing your soul part one, we talked about addressing the lies that we believe; we have to do this when it comes to our bodies too. If I’m telling myself I’m sick and can’t cope with life, then my body will be sick and won’t cope with daily activities. Looking at what we are thinking in all areas of our lives can help with feeling healthy. In healing your soul part two, we looked at processing our emotions and not bottling them up. We often can turn to eating unhealthy when we feel deep emotions that are uncomfortable. You can see how everything in our body is related to one another and affects one another. If one area is not functioning properly then chances are another area will start to under function too.

Practical tips to look after your body;

Eat healthy most of the time. Eat real unprocessed natural foods.

Move your body gently, walk, swim, or do palates to get your body moving.

Rest your body. Rest is so important for emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Have fun!

As you step out into your healing journey, God will step in to lighten the load. Remember we are not on this journey alone, anytime you need help, speak to the Lord about it, the revelation that He can bring to your life and circumstances far outweighs any advice anyone can give you. He knows you so intimately, allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through the process, and watch your world change.

Much Love,


Helpful resources for eating healthy;

Think and eat yourself smart, Dr. Caroline Leaf

I quit sugar, Sarah Wilson

That sugar book, Damon Gameau

Big fat lies, David Gillespie

Wheat belly, William Davis

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