Freedom from the Christmas triggers

It’s that time of the year again; Christmas, that time when the anxiety of triggers and memories becomes noticeable. It’s a common thought amongst the trauma community that Christmas is a hard time of the year for survivors of sexual abuse, a time that for most children is fun and joyous, but instead for the sexual abuse victim it is a time of the dread of pretending everything is ok in front of the extended family, potentially sitting across the table from your abuser fearing when the next time of abuse will be. There are usually increased offences over the Christmas period as the adults in the picture consume too much alcohol and become out of control or they may have increased the control over their victim for fear of being exposed. It is clear that Christmas can become a time of fear and dread for many victims of sexual abuse.

I have felt the anxiety around this concept rise in me over the last week and as I eased into the position of defeat and accepted that this is my reality, the Lord spoke to me, He gently reminded me that I’m not like every other survivor because I am His survivor doing this journey with Him. I saw a picture of myself holding a box, it was a box that held my story in it, and I saw myself lay it at Jesus’ feet. I felt the Lord say, surrender your story to me, and walk it out My way. My way isn’t living out of fear of being triggered believing that nothing will change, My way is living in freedom of fear.

I have spent the last week remembering that I never asked for this abuse, I actually asked my abusers to stop repeatedly. My rights were taken away along with my voice. But now I get to choose what I do with my story, I get to make a decision; do I trust God and hand over my story to Him or do I try to figure this thing out by myself? As I stood there in God’s presence listening to Him giving me a choice, I chose Him, His way, His perspective, and the anxiety just melted away. I don’t need to live in fear because the world says this is a hard time for survivors, I get to make a choice how I do this journey to healing, and I choose freedom.

Will I be triggered because it’s Christmas? 

The triggers may come or they may not, if they do use wisdom and Gods counsel to hear your hurt little girl, and heal the wound left from the abuse. There is no shame in being triggered; it’s a signal that something needs to be heard and healed in your heart but just don’t live in fear of it potentially happening. Live knowing that if it does, you have the ability to deal with it, heal it, and move on from it. This is how we walk our journey out with God; accepting that if He allows a trigger, then it’s safe to face it, and give yourself the time to heal it.

I pray you have a trigger free Christmas, but if that’s not possible right now, then I pray for God’s peace to be with you as you face the pain of your wound, and I encourage you to lay that trigger at Jesus’ feet and allow Him to breath freedom on it.

Much Love,

4 Responses to “Freedom from the Christmas triggers

  • mommafitlyndsey
    1 month ago

    Praying for a content and anxiety-free Christmas for you!

  • Marnie and Alexsayah
    1 month ago

    Merry Christmas, beautiful! Thank-you for sharing your wisdom, Mel! We love you dearly! Much love and blessings with prayers for a blessed New Year!
    Your sisters in Christ,
    Marnie and Alexsayah xx

    • Merry Christmas beautiful sisters!
      Love you both, pray you have an amazing 2018!
      Much love,
      Mel xx

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