Crafted Prayer

“Prayer is about overcoming, breakthrough, and presence” Graham Cooke

My church is doing a series on crafted prayer, we had the privilege of hearing from Graham Cooke on the subject, and it’s changed the way I look at prayer.

Are you in a difficult, trying time in your life? I most definitely am and I’ve had so much prayer, I was starting to doubt the significance and power of prayer. I struggle with chronic pain and PTSD, and I feel like at times it’s my fault; don’t I have enough faith to be healed? Am I being punished? As I ponder these questions, God’s been showing me that some conditions, especially emotional issues need a process of healing. If I got complete healing the week that I found about my hidden childhood, then I would not have a chance to learn all I have learnt about myself over the past year. And I wouldn’t have the deep understanding of what survivors go through. But I do feel frustrated with the process at times and I would love to be healed, at least from the chronic pain. For this reason a few months ago I began a mission to find a solution to my pain.

I recently shared a blog post from Kris Vallotton on Strength And Dignity’s Facebook page titled perseverance for breakthrough, what do you do when you pray, and nothing happens? I loved Kris’s honesty about the fact that sometimes we don’t get our miracle, sometimes we must persevere through our struggle with continuous prayer until we get breakthrough.

PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens – Graham Cooke

Graham describes this season as a PUSH season, one that takes continuous fervent prayer, until breakthrough happens. But what do we pray? A crafted prayer is a carefully put together prayer that you pray every day, you can include prophetic words spoken over you, or a word God has given you, or a bible verse that speaks into your situation. After hearing from God on the content of the prayer, ask your friends or mentor or hubby and see if they hear similar to what you have been hearing from God, and then put it together.

When we hear from God about our difficult situations, we are able to join our heart with His heart. Once we pray from God’s perspective, we pray with power over our circumstances. We pray with heaven, interceding with heaven, and therefore bringing heaven’s power to our struggles. Crafted prayer is a weapon of heaven, giving the enemy no place to interfere.

A few weeks ago I set out to write a crafted prayer for the healing of my chronic pain, but God asked me to include my emotional pain in the prayer. I know there is a connection but I guess I didn’t realise the importance of the connection. The Holy Spirit described my pain as a river inside of me, a river that flows like the river of living waters, as I believe in Jesus, rivers of living water will flow from my heart (John 7:38). Dealing with the river of pain and processing it to full completion, will transform this river into God’s Love. God continues to show me that my pain needs to be let out of my body, so I can fully experience his joy, love, and peace. Does God heal through miracles? Absolutely! But sometimes he heals through a process, a process of acknowledging the pain, feeling it, crying it and finally letting it go. The first few times I read my crafted prayer with the Lord, I wept, I let it out, this journey is tough. But after a few weeks, I started to feel empowered, free, and accepted by God. This is the power of a crafted prayer; it joins your heart with the Father’s heart.

Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the scriptures declare, ‘rivers of living water will flow from his heart’. John 7:38

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  • Thank you for sharing this encouragement! 🙂 Our prayer life is a life-source for our spirit! God bless you. Keep shining for God’s glory! xo

    • Melanie
      2 years ago

      Thank you Kristina, that’s so true! Bless you 🙂

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