My Story

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.
They are plans for good & not for disaster, to give you a future & a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11

As a teenager my life was out of control, I didn’t understand why I felt so angry at the world. After an emotional breakdown and thoughts of suicide I stumbled upon a card from a Christian counsellor. Through exploring the conflict in my life, I had an encounter with Jesus. I found the hope I needed to heal my angry soul. Shortly after giving my life to Christ I met my husband; straight away I knew he was the one!

We had our first son after seven years of marriage. He brought so much joy to our lives; we decided to have another child. At 15 weeks, my waters broke, and I miscarried our baby girl when she was 16 weeks. I began to suffer from horrible 10 day long migraines, this lasted for three months, and I started to wonder if I was under a spiritual attack. I prayed for breakthrough, begging for an end to the pain; I had no idea how traumatic that breakthrough would be.

I began to remember the traumatic memories of my childhood, my father abusing his power, and failing to protect me from harm. The very person, who God gave to me as a protector, was abusing me. I suffered sexual, physical, and emotional abuse throughout my childhood and into my early teens. I had suppressed the memories of abuse and as an adult I had no idea what had happened to me.

I began to see a therapist who educated me on trauma, dissociation, and flashbacks. I was finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The stress, rebellion, and anxiety of my teenage years and the chronic pain of my adult life were all symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and a deeply wounded soul. As I slowly remembered the horrific events of my childhood I was able to gradually let go of the shattered pieces of my soul. It is a long and painful journey but I know that eventually I will be whole again.

I’m so blessed to have a loving husband who supports me and a heavenly Papa who knows my every need; who created me in love, for love and who is capable of restoring every part of me. As I slowly untangle the lies and deception that the abuse has deposited in my life God is revealing to me his plan for my pain. He gave me a clear vision for a ministry that heals, restores, and revives women who have suffered the pain of sexual assault in their lives. He gave me the words Strength And Dignity. Out of this birthed our ministry Strength And Dignity; a ministry dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault and educating the world on predator behaviour.

Much Love,