Our Vision

In a generation overwhelmed by unhealthy emotional pain, Strength And Dignity is a ministry dedicated to healing our soul wounds left from child sexual assault.

Our culture encourages us to push down our emotional pain and ignore it’s impact on our body, spirit, and soul. We promote healthy responses to deep unresolved pain, this is called the restoration process. God wants us to be restored to wholeness so we can revive a world that’s drowning in pain. 

On The Blog

Freedom from the Christmas triggers

It’s that time of the year again; Christmas, that time when the anxiety of triggers and memories becomes noticeable. It’s...

Why don’t you understand me? – How to let go of expecting people to understand your pain

I am a huge fan of Brene Brown, Brene is a researcher who spent twelve years interviewing and studying the...

I choose to live – the truth about suicidal thoughts

The Lord showed me a vision of my thirteen year old self sitting on a rock at the water tank...

My Controller

My Controller

It’s been a tough month. I feel like I’ve gone into a bubble of negativity, constantly being harassed by my...

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